Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it’s about deliberately choosing to be different.
— Michael Porter

Sectors we serve:

Agriculture & Food • Media • Telecommunications • Pharmaceuticals • Biomedical research • Defence • Aviation • ENERGY • OIL & GAS • HEALTHCARE• Infrastructure & Construction

The future

Understanding better than your competitor what the future will look like is a potential source of advantage. The future is uncertain but there are trends we can understand that offer images of plausible futures. Plan ahead.

Strategic objectives

Setting objectives is integral to the strategy process. Without clear objectives, the journey cannot be planned. But some objectives, even important ones, will remain implicit, as will different peoples' competing objectives.  

Aligning strategy & capability

Regardless of sector, it is not possible to achieve strategic objectives in the absence of also holding or acquiring the capability to do so. In knowledge industries, capability defines the boundaries of achievable strategy.

Execution of strategy

Decision rights


Motivation (including performance systems).


Clear narrative of purpose and direction.

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