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It is hard is to distinguish between valuable financial innovation and non-valuable . . . I think that some of it is socially useless activity.
— Adair, Lord Turner, Prospect Magazine, September 2009
There is continuing demand for government oversight; . . . by a five-to-one margin those in UK, Ireland and Spain want more regulation of financial services.
— 2014 Edelman Global Trust Barometer

In all sectors, strategy and risk are inseparable, if sometimes uneasy, bedfellows. In addition to the pressures of globalisation and disintermediation, financial services sectors are being battered by ever-more-onerous regulatory requirements and supervisory intensity around risk. Strategy has been neglected and has suffered.
It is time for firms to reclaim strategic initiative.

What strategy?

Responding to constant regulatory change has crowded out strategy in financial services. Firms must recover their strategic focus – and will respond better to regulatory change in the process

Governance, strategy & risk

Integrating governance with strategy and strategy with risk is where financial firms struggle most deeply. Boards and executives alike are often unsure of roles and accountabilities. 

Horizon: thinking strategically

Thinking strategically necessitates thinking about the future. How far in the future depends on sector and product mix but inevitably involving considering both assets and liabilities.

Rebuilding trust sustainably

Trust in all financial sectors has taken a caning in recent years and will be difficult to win back. All sectors have years of hard work ahead of them strategically and in reputation terms. What does that mean for you?