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brexit, ready or not: a seismic strategic shift

If you are a UK firm, Brexit changes . . . well, what? Even with the shape of the Brexit deal uncertain, we can help you to understand what Brexit will look like, what it won't and what that means for your firm. Some of the conclusions will surprise you.

coping with the regulatory deluge

Not even regulators are really sure if the deluge of regulation from the EU will improve financial stability – which must be its over-riding objective. We can help you to forge a meaningful regulatory strategy to make sense of the flood.

the nexus of strategy, risk & analysis

All businesses – financial as well as listed non-financial entities – now face regulatory expectations to understand their risk and uncertainty, their appetite for risk and their risk tolerance analytically and in terms of capital. But does that help?

future imperfect? what will it look like?

The future will happen whether we plan for it or not. There are many things we can predict about the future; there are many we cannot. But, if we do not try, the future will take us by surprise. And it may not be the kind of surprise we want.

researching specific issues in greater depth

Thought-led businesses require a constant flow of original ideas and insights to flow to their markets. That is why we have an active programme of research on business, economic, policy and social issues.

We also assist other businesses by providing original research that improves their positioning and credibility.

Our work focuses on adding dimensionality to firms’ strategies . . . to improving their insight and understanding of markets, challenges and opportunities, the future and strategies to improve performance.

Recent publications


Risks, wasted? Reviewing your longer term viability statement process


dimensionality: Thinking about improving strategy


We focus on improving your strategy by making it more useful and more resilient. Our work focuses on adding dimensions to strategy.

Greater dimensions offer greater insight from strategy and make it more useful for decision-making and for initiating actions which change how the firm operates in and serves its markets. Dimensions build the narrative of strategy.

To understand the impact of greater dimensionality in strategy, we use the analogy of map-making and its impact on how we view the world. Take a look for yourself and the story of adding dimensions to our understanding of our world.


Increasing the dimensionality of strategy adds to its robustness and its resilience in the face of shocks and changing circumstances; it offers greater opportunities to build a compelling narrative around your strategy which improves its resonance and impact.