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Peter Bonisch 

Co-Managing Partner

Peter is the chairman of Kage Strategy. Peter is one of UK's leading advisors and commentators on governance and the strategic impact of uncertainty and risk.

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Peter has worked in a wide range of financial and corporate sectors government sectors and is one of the UK's leading commentators and advisors on governance and uncertainty. He has also worked in and advised on reform of government sectors. By training, Peter is a microeconomist with a post-graduate degree in international relations.

Peter has published studies on the financial crisis and systemic risk as well as the reaction to the financial crisis and organisational behaviour. He is the founding director of London-based think-tank Futuresphere and is currently a member of the UK Chief of Defence Staff's Strategy Forum.

Mustafa Cavus

Co-Managing Partner
Managing Partner, Germany

Mustafa is an innovator in the field of analysis of operational risk and an expert in finance and decision analysis. He holds a PhD in financial mathematics.

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Having grown up in Turkey and Germany and studied in Germany and the UK, Mustafa divides his time between these locations. Mustafa is an expert in quantitative finance and is a leading authority on pricing contingent contracts and options pricing. He holds a PhD in financial mathematics and also has degrees in economics and business.

Mustafa has recently developed a tool for analysis of operational risk which will revolutionise capital decision-making in mid-tier firms. In 2012, Mustafa completed his first hajj.

John Collins

Strategy & Innovation Partner

John is a serial innovator. He helps companies develop their innovation prowess and commercialise their disruptive innovations for profit. He has a PhD in nuclear physics and microelectronics.

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As an inventor and technologist, John has been involved in developing science and scientific applications of technology in to profit-making business activities for most of his career. From his post-doctoral work in nuclear radiation metering to bringing a new diamond synthesis process to market for De Beers, John has focused on bringing new ideas and technologies from concept to profit.

John has a doctorate in nuclear physics and microelectronics. He specialises in innovation and developing and harnessing new technologies commercially across fields as diverse as synthetic biology, information technology, engineering, irrigation technologies and pharmacology.


Sanjay Shah

Finance Director

Sanjay is a highly experienced corporate strategy director and FD. He has worked in a range of service sectors and now specialises in health care.

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With a background in professional practice, Sanjay has held a variety of senior corporate roles in audit, risk, strategy and finance in FTSE firms and as a chief financial officer for The London Clinic, a major private hospital group.

In his role as CFO, he led successfully the design, development and commissioning of a state-of-the-art hospital in central London.

Sanjay is a Chartered Accountant who studied economics in the US and UK; he has a particular interest in decision roles and decision-making in business.